Our Program

MindCamp’s Gifted & Talented weekend enrichment program provides engaging two day courses designed to meet the unique intellectual and social needs of high-ability students. Students in Years 1-6 have an opportunity to enrol in challenging, fast paced courses specifically designed to allow them to become immersed in their area of interest. Our classes unite teachers who love to teach with students who love to learn. While our classes are academic, they are also age-appropriate and activity-based. Each course focuses on one specific subject, allowing students to gain deep knowledge. Our inspired curriculum makes learning fun.

Our Unique Courses

Our program offers students opportunities to experience courses that stimulate higher order thinking skills and problem solving and include a diverse array of topics such as Chemistry, Biology, Digi Ed, Marine Science, Filmmaking, Robotics, Astrophysics, World History, Theatre, Law and Creative arts. Our small class size allow us to provide students with customized programs with a focus on promoting exploration and key skills such as communication, collaboration and creativity.
Students delve into topics of personal interest while engaging with other students who have similar abilities and passions.

Course Structure

Years 1/2


Space Science

Mummies and Pyramids

Greek Gods and Goddesses; Writer’s Workshop

Years 3/4


Actor’s Workshop
Write, Rehearse, Perform

Robots and Machines Will Save the World

Chemistry Ready, Set, React!

Construction Mathematics

Years 5/6


Make Science Fun

Cells, Microbes and DNA

Digital Filmmaking

Order in the Court

Our Course Leaders

Our teachers have diverse backgrounds and include University professors, teachers of the gifted, and professionals with real-world experience in the topics they present.

Our Learning Environment

Our environment of gifted, talented and motivated students provides a unique learning experience for students and teachers. Bringing gifted kids with similar interests together in the same program fosters a supportive community and a positive culture in which learning and being ‘smart’ are valued.

Is my child ready?

Our courses are successful for a range of students:
• gifted and/or talented students
• gifted underachievers
• students of well above average abilities and excellent learning behaviour
You know your child better than anybody so if you think they love to learn, fill in an enrolment form.

Mind camp is a very special place for kids, which is fun. It was fun for me as I got to do “amazing stuff” such as science experiments that I would not normally do in class. It was also cool as you get to make new friends and hang out with them. Mind Camp was awesome!Rhys (Year 5)
Our kids loved the Mindcamp weekend course. The instructors they had were amazing – so engaging and enthusiastic. The sharing time with parents at the end of the course was very special and it was fantastic to see their pride and confidence in what they had achieved.Michelle (Parent)
There’s a wide range of courses for all ages. I did Digital Filmmaking and I really enjoyed it. It was fun and interactive and I would definitely recommend it!Daniel (Year 3)

MindCamp Enrichment Weekend Program
2018 – Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 March

Lisarow High School | 2 The Ridgeway, Lisarow NSW 2250

Phone: 1300 942 377